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Each designer has a signature piece which represents their whole aesthetic, and in my mind this corset from Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 1996 is quintessentially everything that Lee stood for. The lilac silk faille corset was covered in a web of black lace and embroidered with beads, inspired by the Victorian age (it was symbolic for mourning) as many of McQueen’s earlier pieces were. Its sharp high neck obstructed the view of the model and had a look as if it belonged to the villain of some twisted fairytale, making the piece raw and unapologetic, but also added a kind of melancholy. This piece is alluring but not particulary conventionally beautiful, which is one of the things that I admire about McQueen’s work; he has this innate ability to find beauty even in the darkest of places, to give ugliness a new kind of attraction. This artistic eye lead McQueen to create an unmatched legacy of haunting collections that will go down in history. image via.

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police:you're under arrest
me:no i'm not

She faced death with absolute self control and dignity, and stepped gracefully, even with hands tied, to the scaffold”.

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Keisuke Asano

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Photoperformances: Landscapes, Cecilia Paredes

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This one’s pretty explanatory. 


time to sleep

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Fantastic Mr. Fox : the breakout, on loop

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For my first year drawing class at OCAD U, I was assigned THIRTEEN self portrait as my final project, and these are some of the ones I was really pleased with!

I approached the project as a mini gallery show/series, so I thought a lot about how  the pieces would stylistically relate to each other.

For added fun, each portrait paid homage to an existing artist. 

The series was a lot of fun to do, and it really helped improve my drawing. So cheers to another 3 years!

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A series about the startling accessibility of guns in the United States. Made shortly after the Sandy Hook shooting that occurred earlier in 2012.

Also, since remaking, I thought it would be nice to share this again. Actually planning on updating this blog with more pieces of mine, so be ready for the large influx of artwork coming your way!

I do not claim ownership to any of the brands or logos used in the artwork.

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