its honestly so hot out but im probably still gonna wear this toque anyways um it's theirye're*
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Hello again. Olly here. Hi.

I’m told that it has been too long since the last art blog was posted. So here I am, posting some art in a blog.

These are some early sketches and colour thumbnails for environments you may see in the final game. Not pictured: Ice level. Lava level. Warp zone.

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My New York Trip

hey look more pics of our trip to nyc

bushwick was cool, a lil sketchy tbh but only like 25% sketch

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I don’t get much time to draw for myself these days, so instead of going to bed last night I stayed up and had wine and drew poses from Sia’s Chandelier video. The video’s dancer is amazing. I wish I could have captured her energy better. Also I need to draw hands and feet more, I’m pretty rusty.

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some references for a wip where i look acceptable hhheh

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Custom Vintage Photo Drawings by Lauren King

 artist on tumblr


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details @ alexander mcqueen spring 2010 ready to wear

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arthritispop lent me a fancy sweater and i like it


Felix Gesnouin by Billy Kidd

I so desperately want a jumper

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